• Welcome to RotoPaths.

    Automotive | Adventure | Apparel
  • Welcome to RotoPaths.

    Automotive | Adventure | Apparel
  • Welcome to RotoPaths.

    Automotive | Adventure | Apparel

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Rotopaths is a lifestyle oriented brand focused on sharing stories from automotive culture. We are enthusiasts, adventure seekers, designers and photographers. Our goal is to bring you the best media possible from events and adventures in the mid-Atlantic region.
Joshua Schock — Content Manager | Media | Web
Mark Curtis — Marketing Director | Media | Graphic Design


Latest Posts

BMC Autocross 4 at Dover

Up until this past event, my attention has been divided between photographing the drifting portion and the autocross portion, with more of my attention going to the drifters. On August 12th, however, the event was solely autocross. I was able to give my full attention to these talented drivers.

Low Style Heroes Vol. 1

I feel like I was swooshed back to the 90’s and taken to far away Japan. The cars here were amazing. They all had their own unique style. I saw many different window tints and liveries and teams and body kits.

First State Drift (pt. 1)

This is so surreal to be writing a piece on. First State Drift… The best place to start this off is going to be to talk about 8 years ago where it all began for me and to give you all a little background on myself and my experience with automotive sports.

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Joshua Schock

I am the founder of RotoPaths. I manage our website, content, and product line. I have a Bachelor of Science in Visual Journalism and dedicate my free time to automotive photography and traveling.

Mark Curtis

I am the graphic designer and marketing director for Rotopaths. I've created many of the clothing designs you see in the store as well as the main company logo. In my spare time, I like to make art and travel.

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