BMC Autocross 4 at Dover


I first learned about Brandywine Motorsport Club in September of 2016. My friend Carlos Marcano (pictured below) from Mid-Atlantic 86 Club was the one who mentioned it to me.

©Joshua Schock 2017

Wanting to get into some sort of auto sport, I decided to give it a shot. I barely made the deadline to attend their last event of the season. There were a total of 4 drivers competing in my class, which at the time was C-Street. I placed 2nd in my Subaru BRZ. I’ve always enjoyed driving fast and can’t believe it took me this long to get on board with autocross. During the 2017 season, I’ve only been to compete in 1 out of the 4 events. Initially, I planned on running the full season. However, when I couldn’t make the first event due to work, the wind was taken right out of my sails. I made the second event work and placed 3rd out of 6 drivers. The previous 2 events I decided to show up only for creating photographs.

©Joshua Schock 2017

Autocross Focused

Up until this past event, my attention has been divided between photographing the drifting portion and the autocross portion, with more of my attention going to the drifters. On August 12th, however, the event was solely autocross. I was able to give my full attention to these talented drivers.

©Joshua Schock 2017

Unfortunately, the weather called for rain throughout the day, so I wasn’t completely sure the event was going to go on. I showed up around 12:00pm. Around 3:30pm it started to rain and my memory card had been filled up. That was the end of the day for me.

When I got to edit my photos at home, I was impressed with the images I made. Due to the day’s cloudiness, the light was perfectly diffused, sometimes gifting us with spots of sun. The cars looked better than ever in this light and made for some really clean photographs!

©Joshua Schock 2017

Towards the end of my time there, the rain really started to come down. I couldn’t begin to explain how long I’ve wanted to shoot an auto sport in “inclement” weather. To be concise, the answer is A VERY LONG TIME! I’ve been covering auto sports such as time attack, drifting, and autocross for the better part of 5 years and I have NEVER been gifted the opportunity to shoot in anything but sun and clouds. The rain was a blessing and it made for what I think is easily my favorite image I’ve created in the past 3 years. Overall, my experience taking pictures in the rain is 10/10. I would 100 percent want that to happen again and maybe next time I’ll be more prepared with a back up memory card.

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