Low Style Heroes Vol. 1

Take Me Back

I don’t even know where to begin with Low Style Heroes. Up until this point… it’s been a little bit since I’ve been to a big drift event. I get a message from David Karey of AmDrift. It is May 4th. He tells me that he’ll be flying into Baltimore that night and driving to Shenandoah, VA to cover Low Style Heroes. The event was May 6-7. Lucky for me I happened to be off work for the 7th. I researched the event and decided it was something I couldn’t pass up. The trip was a 4 hour drive each way. Although I learned through the Facebook page who was going to be there and what the event was all about, I couldn’t have known what to expect upon arrival. I loved it and I want to go back.

©Joshua Schock 2017

The Drive

I drove my BRZ with my friend riding shotgun. I had every intention of vlogging the day, as I always do, and always seem to get distracted. We had a steady stream of film and talking points on the way there and then it just fell off. So… sorry. No vlog this time. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME VIRGINIA HAD SUCH AMAZING ROADS AND MOUNTAINS! It seriously looks like another country when I got to the track!

©Joshua Schock 2017
©Joshua Schock 2017

The Low Style

I feel like I was swooshed back to the 90’s and taken to far away Japan. The cars here were amazing. They all had their own unique style. I saw many different window tints and liveries and teams and body kits.

©Joshua Schock 2017
©Joshua Schock 2017
©Joshua Schock 2017

It was an exciting time to be alive. The last time I remember being that ecstatic at an event was All Star Bash 2013 at Willow Springs International Raceway. I am a sucker for mountains and scenery, so when that is combined with drifting it creates a picture perfect moment.

It was such a great opportunity to meet back up with Dave Karey after so long. I also got to see Dan Brockett, Forrest Wang and meet Abo Moon and Kenji! I was humbled by everyone’s kindness and I can’t wait for Volume 2 next year!

Enjoy the gallery of pictures below. It is one of my better ones 🙂

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